Re: MMX,200+mh and video conferencing future?

Ken Lyon (
Sat, 8 Mar 1997 09:31:30 -0500

Buy the non-MMX chips and save big $$$
Video is evolving slower than most with a lot of copy-cat "new" protocols
that are retreads of older legacy type distribution systems ported to the
It's going to take them a few years to get it right with a reasonable price
MMX is new and the applications must be written to support the hooks to use
I see MMX itself changing (evolving) to fit the video "standards" as they
come in.

Remember that your application will only run as fast as the slowest
A 12 Gazillion Hz system with built in air conditioning will still only get
the throughput of your connection(s)
So you want to set up your own reflector (or server for other than CU).
Spend the money on a dual 200 w/o MMX running a multi-tasking operating
system. (UN*X, or NT4.0)

my $.02


From: Mara Schaeffer <>
Subject: MMX,200+mh and video conferencing future?
Date: Saturday, March 08, 1997 8:12 AM

Could some visionaries on the list comment on how necessary they think the
new 200mh+ chips such as the MMX will be in the next few years with CUSeeMe
and similar video conferencing programs of the future. Several people I
know, including myself, are shopping to replace/add to their present
system. Should we pay the extra $500- $1000 for the MMX or a similar 200mh+
Mac system? (Please, NO Mac vs IBM fisticuffs!) One teacher would like to
do speech therapy over the internet, requiring a high level of speech and
visual quality. Where do you dream, fantasize, immagine CUSeeMe will be
going in the future? Is 200mh+ a necessary part of that future; or is it an
expensive toy for gamers?