Re: Slow video

Roadkill On the Information SuperHighway! (
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 21:17:22 -0500


Some of what you say I have an explanation for and some I don't. First
the one thing I know. The frame rate (fps) is not the absolute frames per
second. It's only the effective rate. Not having the code I couldn't tell
you where or exactly how it gets calculated. There are too many variables
with even three people on a reflector to use fps as a benchmark.

If you suspect that your network connection is the problem then you
need to use a tool that minimizes variables. You and a friend (that
you say has a "good" connection) both need to run the same test.
I would suggest ws_ping which is available from Ping
is so simple that equipment differences won't be a factor. You
and the other person should ping the reflector site close to the
same time. This will confirm or eliminate the network as a problem.

If the ping test shows the two of you within 15% of each other I'd
compare settings for the two Cu-Seeme's. Matter of fact; why not try
that first, if you haven't already.


BTW: Make sure you or the other person isn't running anything else over
the modem when you do the test. Let me know how you make out.