Dynamic IP work around for Macs

John Ingham (johningh@tafe.sa.edu.au)
Thu, 13 Mar 1997 10:50:42 +0930

Mara Schaeffer said...

>The first .87a I downloaded wouldn't work at all on my computer, but the
>second program, the 87a2(68K).bin works great! Smoother. The the B&W video
>looks better. I wish it had some option for displaying the dynamic IP
>address we were using, so those of us trying to connect Point to Point
>could do so more easily, within the program.

Mara, just connect to yourself (top item in the Call or Conference menu
item) and then disconnect again. As you disconnect the hang-up menu
command shows your current IP number. Write it down and e-mail it to your

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