Re: parental control

Mark Badger (
Sun, 16 Mar 1997 10:22:25 -0800

Andrew Brennan wrote:

> On Sat, 15 Mar 1997, Chris Silverberg wrote:
> > Yes, there are adult reflectors out there, and most tend to be by 'invite'
> > only. I assume this is to allow for a balance mail to female ratio...
> > otherwise it's impossible to achieve.
> the admins basically *know* what is going through their reflectors.

it's a broader issue than simply male/female ratio. the imbecile index
plays a role.

admins can't know what their reflector is being used for unless they
it constantly. 24/7 monitoring becomes a job. who pays ?

> > So I think it's natural that parents may want to restrict access to only a
> > few refletors, perhaps those that are run by schools, etc. Note that i
> > think parental control would only be useful for younger kids. (10 and
> > under). After that, they're going to quickly figure out how to get around
> > the parental control. ;-)

as a parent of a child under 10 who loves cusm, i'd suggest that it is
the private reflectors i feel most comfortable with her interacting
due to the imbecile index. that index is at least one order of magnitude
higher on the public reflectors.

even on those that are monitored, such as ostfeld, her ability to upset
other clients is so dramatic that for their sake i don't allow her to
make her own connection to the reflector. (it's what happens when you
put a real child into an environment where adults act like children).

> I'm in favor of control mechanisms, but I believe it's the provider's
> responsibility ... especially if there's a chance the server admin is
> going to be dragged into potential lawsuits.

i think that's rubbish. it's the "someone else's" responibility ? i
disagree. it's a parental responsibility imho.

> Here's a point to think about. Say I use parental locks on my client
> and my kid finds an old client to bypass it. Who's responsible?? If
> I use a scrambling reflector, I can *easily* setup a 1-900 or credit
> card system to provide the unscramble key ... and how does the little
> one get around this model?? Mind you, that was all hypothetical.

kids have an incredible knack of achieving whatever they seek.

in my experience little kids are not interested in salacious material
anyways, by the time kids are interested (teenagers) they have the
necessary to circumvent the protection schemes. (see chris's point).