Re: parental control

Neal Hill (
Sun, 16 Mar 1997 15:45:07 -0500

At 10:22 AM 3/16/97 -0800, Mark Badger wrote:
>i think that's rubbish. it's the "someone else's" responibility ? i
>utterly disagree. it's a parental responsibility imho.
>> Here's a point to think about. Say I use parental locks on my client
>> and my kid finds an old client to bypass it. Who's responsible?? If
>> I use a scrambling reflector, I can *easily* setup a 1-900 or credit
>> card system to provide the unscramble key ... and how does the little
>> one get around this model?? Mind you, that was all hypothetical.
>kids have an incredible knack of achieving whatever they seek.
>in my experience little kids are not interested in salacious material
>anyways, by the time kids are interested (teenagers) they have the
>skills necessary to circumvent the protection schemes. (see chris's point).

I must agree Mark.

If a child does not understand that the privilege of cusm is also
respecting the parental restrictions over it, then it sounds more like a
need for establishing a different dialog with the child.

This has little, if anything, to with cusm but more to do with parental
It's as if one is saying: If I give my licensed teenager the keys to the
car, then it's up to the community to ensure s/he doesn't drive to certain

If a child fails to understand or properly use the privilege of internet
access, then that access should be monitored or taken away.

With respect to credit cards and 900#'s, I, as a member of the (internet)
community, neither care for nor want any more commercialism than is necessary.

>potential lawsuits
With respect to the "legality" of the internet, one must remember that, as
a whole, the internet is geographically inspecific. My fav ref is in
Finland. It's a G-rated ref but if someone did something adult before
being booted, then a child might see. I would question the feasibility of
international lawsuits to uphold a domestically specific complaint.

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