Re: reflector config advice needed

D.Zvorak (
Mon, 17 Mar 1997 08:21:26 -0600

I've played aroung with a hp-ux reflector and sun-os nv. In the
reflect.conf file, a line "NV-UC-PORT port-num" must exist with the port
number set to what ever the nv program is using, default is 4444. I used
a macintosh cusee-me and was able to see the nv clients, but I don't
have a camera attached to the mac to see the mac client on the nv side.
Hope this helps some.

Dave Booth wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a relative newbie where cu-seeme is concerned - although we have been
> running a reflector for local access for a few years it is only recently we
> have started to really use it. I am now getting enquiries about unix clients
> and whilst I know theres no unix cu-seeme I understand nv can be persuaded to
> talk to a cu-seeme reflector and I need advice on the mods to make to the
> reflector config to implement this - the one thing I *dont* want to do is to
> start playing with IP multicast, we have neither the time nor the resources to
> set up mrouting on this site. What I want is for our workstation users to be
> able to contribute video streams to the conference and see others, all with a
> unicast connection to the reflector like any PC/Mac client. I can live without
> audio until I get a chance to test vat or some similar tool but any advice on
> enabling nv connections would be welcome.

Daniel C. Zvorak