Re: A question !

Mark L. Bardenwerper (
Wed, 19 Mar 1997 00:47:09 -0600

Leoncio Akstein wrote:
> Dear Sirs,
> I have just installed a copy of the non-comercial copy of Cu-SeeMe in
> me Pentium with windows 95 and had no success. I bought a QuickCam camera
> and it happens that I can see the others that are using Macs but They
> only see me as a white frame and so do I. Please let me know what's
> happening. I went through the whole manual and many other literature and
> didn't find the solution. If possible answer me quickly.
> Sincerely Yours,
> Leoncio Akstein
I would guess that you need to adjust the brightness of your camera. I
am assuming it's B&W. It's in Preferences-Video. Try auto first to let
your camera seek its own setting, then go to manual and tweak it. When
you are done tweaking, leave it on manual unless light conditions tend
to vary (which is not preferred because it slows down your framerate).
Let me know how this works.
Mark L. Bardenwerper