Re: FreeBSD and NV

Ciaran Carter (
Wed, 19 Mar 1997 15:41:34 GMT

Yep the reflector is set up ok port = 4444. (Anyone with NV that feels like
trying our reflector please feel free - just let me know if it works...)


At 07:55 19/03/97 -0600, Daniel wrote:
>One thing you may want to check is the reflect.conf file for the
>reflector. Make sure it has a uncommented line "NV-UC-PORT port-num"
>with the port number set to what ever the nv client is set to.
>Ciaran Carter wrote:
>> Hi
>> Has anyone got a version of NV that runs under FreeBSD and will connect to
>> the cornell version of the cuseeme reflector ? I have NV ver 3.3b it seems
>> to connect ok to the reflector but then dosnt recieve any video. A cuseeme
>> client on the same reflector dosn't see the NV client at all but refmon
>> reports the NV client.
>> Any help gratefully recieved :-)
>> Ciaran
>Daniel C. Zvorak

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