Re: laptop videoconferencing

Mark Goldstein (
Wed, 19 Mar 1997 21:05:20 -0800

>Dear Listmates,
> Has anyone had any luck videoconferencing with a PC laptop and
>modem? If so, what kind of setup? I'm intending a demo for a meeting in
>another city, and figure that at least a Pentium 166 and a 33KB modem would
>be desireable. Since this isn't till next fall, I'm hoping that new hardware
>choices will be available by summer, such as 200MHz with MMX. Does anyone
>have a crystal ball about new hardware, or whether MMX makes any diference
>with CU-SeeMe?
> TIA, Ellen
>Ellen Rothchild MD
>2441 Kenilworth Rd
>Cleveland Hts, OH 44106
>FAX&TEL: 216-321-2043

As long as you can hook up a camera to the laptop (i.e. parallel port for
Quickcam as an example) and you've got a modem or other network
connection, it should work fine. I know several people who use standard
laptops for CU-SeeMe. Both PC and Mac types, too. And from some of the
vid they're sending, it does work very nicely.

Mark Goldstein

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