Re: laptop videoconferencing

Michael Branagan (
Thu, 20 Mar 97 08:14:58 -0500

I did some conferencing with my wife last summer. We did this for
several weeks.

Set-up: My end - PPC 7100/66, E-CU-SeeMe, Color QuickCam and a T1, Her
End -PB 165C, E-CU-SeeMe, Color QuickCam, 288 modem, PPP Account.

Results: OK for the price, "AM radio" sound, Had to use "HAM radio"
technique ... Over, Over and Out, Video was slow.

Problems: inherent in her PB design was the fact that the PB wanted to
spin-down when the internal mic was used, but the E-CUSeeMe wanted to use
the HD. I did not have an external mic (at the time). 336 access would
have helped as well. Hope this helps.