Connection Q Re: AOL
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 12:21:40 -0500 (EST)

Dear Management team and list subscribers,
I am writing to solicit information regarding the ability to establish a
CU-SeeMe connection using America Online.

I am a Mac user who has both AT&T Woldnet and AOL accounts. I usually
connect to AOL via TCP/IP through AT&T. I have been trying to create a point
to point video link with a friend who has Windows 95 and only an AOL account.
We are both using the most recent beta downloads of the freeware versions
for Mac and Windows respectively. We are both using the Connectix Quickcam
for for Mac and Windows respectively. I know my connection is solid because
I can hook up to self, reflectors, etc. The problem lies on my friend's end
and I need to know if there is just an improper setting or whether the
problem is due to the inability of AOL 3.0 for to support CU-SeeMe.

First I have learned a few things in trying to address the problem. Please
feel free correct any inaccuracies. I know that for AOL 3.0 for Windows to
run internet applications, WINSOCK.DLL for AOL must be installed in the
Windows directory. My friend did that. I have learned that there are 16 bit
and 32 bit versions of the AOL 3.0 software. I am told that the common
download is 16 bit, but a tech told me all 3.0 versions are 32 bit.
Regardless, I believe the CUSeeMe software is 16 bit, and is supposed to
work with either 16 bit or 32 bit AOL.

I tried connecting to my friend last night and had the following problems.
To communicate with one another, we were both logged onto AOL--me through
AT&T; her through direct local connection. Both of our local videos were
working, however on her local video, it said "Stop." She could not find a
way to correct that. My local video said "Waiting." When she tried to
connect to my IP address, she was given a no response message. However, a
blank, grey box of her local video appeared on my screen. It did not render,
no video streams were able to be shared, and she eventually timed out every
time. when I would try to connect to her IP address (which I got off her
blank video box), I got a no response message every time.

Are we doing anything wrong, or is the only sound connection directly through
ISPs and not commercial services such as AOL?

Thank you very much,
Jeffrey Joseph