change of subject

Nigel Sharp (
Fri, 21 Mar 1997 00:52:35 MST

We run a private reflector with interoperability between PCs, Macs
and Unix nv/vat clients, and I want to ask a) does anyone know what
I have to patch on the current Cornell free reflector in order to change
the logging frequency to something more reasonable for a light load,
like once an hour (which I put in the older version when we had source
code), b) why are there no prices on the commercial reflector Web site,
so I can start a movement to get us to upgrade (i.e. pay), and c) is
it really true that the Cornell client is not going to be upgraded
for Windows 3 variants, with new releases only on 95 ?

Sensible people will ignore what follows, but it's late and I can't stand
it any more, so I have to say something about this debate.

I use Windows 3.1/3.11, 95, NT; MacOS in a few flavors (even Lisa);
more than a few varieties of Unix; VMS; even DOS once in a while.
I don't use IBM JCL any more (what? say all the neophytes).
They all suck and they all get the job done and I'm tired of the
ridiculous religious wars. Go and debate ActiveX versus Java, or
Perl versus Icon (how to start a war!). But stop doing it here.

Also, if you think CU-SeeMe is no good, stop using it and take the
complaints somewhere else. If you have constructive suggestions about
making it better, I assure you the developers will listen. The signal
to noise on this discussion group is (again) getting atrocious.