Re: QuikCam - Color or BW??

Sat, 22 Mar 1997 08:49:28 -0500

Susan Jacobson wrote:
> I may get the opportunity to work on a project with CUSeeMe and other> streaming technologies. Right now the director of the project is ordering
> the necessary hardware and software. I recommended that he purchase
> several of the lovely FlexCams, but it is beyond his budget, and he is
> going to buy QuikCams instead. He said he would at least purchase the
> *COLOR* QuikCam, but my experience has only been with the B&W model.
> Are there any drawbacks to the COLOR QuikCam?? The project will probably
> involve conferencing (over CUSeeMe and other techs) with other groups
> that may or may not have color cameras (probably not).

Color is wonderful to look at, but as long as most people are
conferencing with 28.8 kps modems,
bandwidth is a problem for color conferencing. It takes more bandwidth
to transmit color images than
B/W ones. The result is long delays in transmitting/receiving images.
Another problem with color is that
the shareware CUSEEME from Cornell only supports B/W. If you're
conferencing with someone who uses the
shareware version, and you're in color, the other person will not be
able to see you.

The good news, however, is that color is flexible: you can easily
change the video settings
in your software on a color cam to B/W. In other words, with a color cam
you can transmit in either
color or B/W.

Ken Benton