Re: QuikCam - Color or BW??
Sat, 22 Mar 1997 19:01:06 -0500

Susan Jacobson wrote:

Hi there,

I may get the opportunity to work on a project with CUSeeMe and
streaming technologies. Right now the director of the project is
the necessary hardware and software. I recommended that he purchase
several of the lovely FlexCams, but it is beyond his budget, and he
going to buy QuikCams instead. He said he would at least purchase
*COLOR* QuikCam, but my experience has only been with the B&W Any
recommendations?? Thanks!

Susan J.

Based on my experience with Connectix I would not give them one more red
cent. I purchased the color quick cam when it first came out. I put it
away and chalked it up to a very poor and expensive decision. They are
now releasing a Color 2 version not a year has passed. They knew the
product that was put out was inferior. They plan on doing nothing to
swap out cameras or will they even talk to unhappy customers. I have
been told twice that a customer service manager would call me, needless
to say I have not heard from them. I will not support any of their
products in the future.