Is there a secret?

Larry Lund (
Sun, 23 Mar 1997 08:54:57 -0800

To makeing CU-Seeme run effectively on a 486? I realize I am a little behind
the times and to plan on an upgrade to a Pentium 166 in a couple months, but
for right now I run a 486DX 66Mhz with 16Megs of ram on a Win95 platform and
I am always getting crashes running the demo version. I figure maybe I need
more then a 1 meg vid card (which will be forth comeing) or maybe I just
need to tweak my system. BUt what ever shirley there are others who are
trying like me to run the program on a 486 that would like to know any
tricks or hints to look at to make the program run better. I have been
running the Demo for about 1 week now and see a lot of possibilities for it
in my life such as I am a Realtor. It would be great for out of town clients
or working with other agents on referrals. So If know have any thought on
this please let me know.

Make Someones day. SMILE :)