Re: Is there a secret?

Ken Lyon (
Sun, 23 Mar 1997 13:49:50 -0500

What is the extent of the system crash.
Is it an exception error or dialog box that says you may try to continue
(even tho you probably can't) or a "Blue Screen"
Either way,
Tell us the dialog in "Details" of a msg box or the run module in the blue
Look for stuff like VXD, filename.drv, and program names.


> From: Larry Lund <>
> To:
> Subject: Is there a secret?
> Date: Sunday, March 23, 1997 11:54 AM
> To makeing CU-Seeme run effectively on a 486? I realize I am a little
> the times and to plan on an upgrade to a Pentium 166 in a couple months,
> for right now I run a 486DX 66Mhz with 16Megs of ram on a Win95 platform
> I am always getting crashes running the demo version. I figure maybe I
> more then a 1 meg vid card (which will be forth comeing) or maybe I just
> need to tweak my system. BUt what ever shirley there are others who are
> trying like me to run the program on a 486 that would like to know any
> tricks or hints to look at to make the program run better. I have been
> running the Demo for about 1 week now and see a lot of possibilities for
> in my life such as I am a Realtor. It would be great for out of town
> or working with other agents on referrals. So If know have any thought on
> this please let me know.
> Thanks
> Make Someones day. SMILE :)
> Larry