Please help! CUSeeMe Probs.
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 11:01:20 -0500 (EST)

Hello subscribers,

I have been having some problems using the software and would REALLY
appreciate some assistance. I am most often communicating with a friend in a
point to point connection.. we both connect through ISPs with a 28.8 modem
connection. We are using greyscale Quickcams and the freeware versions. I'm
a Mac, she's on a pc.

1. Chat box does not seem to work! We both have it open but no text is
swapped. This makes us have to IM through AOL. Sometimes she can see my
chat, but I can hardly ever see what she writes. What's wrong? I had
installed GeekTalk for the Mac, but took it out thinking that may be the
problem--didn't change anything.

2. Problem with inactivity of my sent video. My friend's video that I
receive has good motion averaging 2-5 fps. I can actually see her blink.
However, my video is almost still to her and my local video says my motion
is usually <1. Both our transmission settings are like 10<90<90 and
reception 10<200. Help!

3. She is having a problem with her local video. Sometimes she has no local
video and cannot get it to appear, however I can still see her when she
connects. She says there is no local video option under her Participants
menu like there is on my Mac.

Thank you very much,