Re: Please help! CUSeeMe Probs.

Mark Badger (
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 09:01:38 -0800 wrote:

> 2. Problem with inactivity of my sent video. My friend's video that I
> receive has good motion averaging 2-5 fps. I can actually see her blink.
> However, my video is almost still to her and my local video says my motion
> is usually <1. Both our transmission settings are like 10<90<90 and
> reception 10<200. Help!

well, there's a problem right there, change both your settings:

Transmission Min 5 Transmission Max 15
Reception Min 5 Reception Max 28

some people use a Min of 10

if you are dc'ing you might increase the Transmission max to a higher
figure, but don't set it higher than the bandwidth of your connection
(in your case 28).