New Windows Version from Cornell

Steve Edgar (
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 16:31:05 -0500

Cornell now has a new Windows version of CU-SeeMe available. The new
release, version .90b1, runs under Windows 95 and NT. It is available at:

There is a link near the top of the "Welcome" page that points to the
"Visual User's Guide". There is a button on the front page of the Visual
User's Guide which will download the software. Be sure and scope out the
Visual User's Guide, as there is a button for most features.

Much thanks goes to Tom Parker, who crafted the Visual User's Guide; to
Phil Childs, who kindly made improvements to the audio code; and to Larry
Chase, our resident AuxData-Meister.

Special thanks go to Bill Woodland and Chris Silverberg. Bill was an
invaluable consultant, providing guidance with features and QA. Chris made
available the Private Chat conventions used in his GeekTalk Plug-in for the

It's been a lot of fun for me to make this new version of CU-SeeMe, and I
hope folks enjoy the new release.

Be seeing you. -- Steve