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Bill Woodland (
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 20:47:47 -0600

At 06:00 AM 3/25/97 -0800, Bret E. Pannell wrote:
>I like the new version, but when I disconnect from a reflector, the connect
>button doesn't 'light' up sometimes and I have to exit altogether. Anyone
>else have this problem?

This will depend on what version of the reflector code is running, and your
particular settings. The older Cornell reflector code doesn't support a few
things that the White Pine reflector does. This problem mostly due to
packets getting buffered on their way to you.

In the cu-seeme.ini file look at the [Settings] section for the following:

Disconnect Duration=3D8
Lock Out on Disconnect=3D1
Lock Out Duration=3D15

These are the DEFAULT values, and can be changed if you want to edit the ini
file manually. Here is how Steve Edgar explained the settings to me:

>Disconnect Duration: the number of seconds that must go by with no=
>or "keep-alive" packets coming in the door. This disconnection method is
>used in the absence of a disconnect handshake.
>Lock Out on Disconnect: If set to 1, the "Lock Out" feature will be used
>after a disconnect process is complete. If set to 0, the "Lock Out"=
>will not be used. I prefer not to use the Lock Out feature, as it makes my
>testing quicker, and I have good links; but most modem users will want it. =
>Lock Out Duration: Number of seconds the Lock Out feature is in effect, if
>enabled. =20
>With a mega-buffer on the BBar, try increasing Disconnect Duration, and
>possibly the Lock Out Duration. The best solution is to avoid a
>mega-buffer, by using lower send/recv rates, as the BBar Refl can't do Link
>Rate Control. =20

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