Accessorize CU-SeeMe

Doug Macduff (
Wed, 26 Mar 1997 15:41:56 -0500 (EST)

This is for those who donot have a camcorder, or any other type of video
thingamajig on Cuseeme. This accessory patch for Cu, looks to me like a
must-have add-on if anyone "wants to participate in a Cu-seeme conference
but lack a video camera." The file is called

If you're interested, and want to know more about it before you donwload it,
please go to:

There's also a file called cusdial (?) which really automatically helps you
dial into a reflector(s) until you're connected, instead of having to click
on individual reflectors. I read this today, and if you don't want to visit
the site, email me and I'll send you the html file.

I'm going to try it. If anyone has problenms with it, prehaps this list will
oblige us and allow us to chat about it here.