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i.a.gaffiney1 (
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 11:32:42 GMT+0

I'm presently completing an investigation into video conferencing
techology at my university..

I have downloaded the new version of Cu-Seeme and I have the
following problem:

When the package loads up, I get a message box stating 'Unsupported
Video Capture Settings'.
I can see images from my camera when I switch into 'Preview' mode,
but I cannot send any video.
The hardware I have works fine with Microsofts Netmeeting and a
conferencing application that I have developed.

Machine spec:
Pentium P100
ATI TV-Tuner Card
ATI Mach64 VT Graphics Card
Windows 95.

Any information on the problem would be most helpful, as I am wanting
to compare performances between hardware and software
well as my attempt of an application.

Thankyou in advance

Ian Gaffiney

<University Of Central Lancashire>