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Mark Goldstein (
Fri, 28 Mar 1997 12:29:22 -0800

This is a function more of the reflector than of your settings. I find
that if there are multiple conferences on a reflector or more than a few
people on a reflector, things will slow down considerably.

There is a small "bug" in 2.1.1 as well, which could be affecting you.
If you close someone's video window using the close button on the window
(the x in Win95), you're really not shutting down the request for his
video on your end completely. Shutting down the video windows using the
closed eye (i.e. shut down all windows at once) does stop the requests
for video. Then you can open one or two windows and get somewhat better
speed. I also turned off the "auto-open" function so that I only open
the windows I want without having to shut the unwanted ones down manually.

Mark Goldstein

>I am currently using Enhanced Cu-seeme version 2.11. On all
>reflectors I send perfect video and receive pretty good video. On
>some reflectors I send great video and received NO video usually run in
>the 90% range of lost packets I have tried adjusting the send receive
>rates but to no avail. I use a Connectix colour QC but had the same
>problem with my bw any help would be greatly appreciated.
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