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>I am currently using Enhanced Cu-seeme version 2.11. On all
>reflectors I send perfect video and receive pretty good video. On=20
>some reflectors I send great video and received NO video usually run in=20
>the 90% range of lost packets I have tried adjusting the send receive=20
>rates but to no avail. I use a Connectix colour QC but had the same=20
>problem with my bw any help would be greatly appreciated.
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This can depend on a lot of different things, but in this case I'm guessing
that it's the Cornell reflectors that give you the most trouble. Steve
Edgar told me this (slightly edited) which might help explain more about
what is going on:

"Some of the Cornell reflector programs don't support "Link Rate Control".
Link Rate Control sends special Rate Control/Reply packets between the 2
link points, and negotiates the best speed, based on a variety of factors.
Without Link Rate Control, it's very easy to overdrive someone's connection

The new Cornell PC version has 2 new stats in the Info Window: "Link Loss"
and "Link Response". Link Loss is the % of bytes being dropped on the
_link_ (only to and from
the Refl). Link Response is the number of seconds is takes for a rate
control/reply packet to get sent to the Refl, processed, and sent back, and
can be used as an indication of how much buffering is going on, link speed,
or how thrashed the Refl is. The Refl must be Link Rate Control capable, or
N/A will appear. "

You might try the new Cornell version on the refs that give you this
trouble, and see if they support Link Rate Control or not by looking in the
info section. You have to hilight the top line in the participants list
(the line which shows the reflector name or IP) to see this info.

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