QuickCam Software/Drivers Needed!!!

Brian Principe (bap@highway1.com)
Sat, 29 Mar 1997 21:22:43 -0500

Hello all, it has been a long time!

I just lost my hard drive and needed the software for my black and white
camera. And guess what.... I have lost my Connectix QuickCam diskette
needed to tell Windows that the camera is there. In speaking to
Connectix technical support, I was informed that I would have to wait
and talk to the main office on Monday, who would then send me a
diskette. (This really does not make sense)

Can someone send me the contents of the darn diskette so I can use my
camera again, without waiting for the "Main Office"? Again, I do not
need the CU-See Me Software, only the Quick Cam software and drivers so
I can use the camera.

It sure would be a big help!

Thanks for your support and time....

P.S. I am using a cable modem, so the file size is not a problem.