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Bill Woodland (
Mon, 31 Mar 1997 00:29:27 -0600

At 02:20 AM 3/30/97 -0500, Douglas A. Macduff wrote:
>Hi all, Truthfully, It's been a while scince I've used my cuseeme
>program...for shame, and now I seem to have the problem get host name=
>(or something like that). I brought up the help window/search and the=
>is get host name failed.........??? My latest version is WO.84b7. Is this
>the latest?=20

>my system:
> =20
>Pentium 75 mhz
>windows 3.11
>14.4 modem
>half duplex

Yes, for Windows 3.1 the latest Cornell version is W0.84b7.

>I also have the white pine version and I get the same message.. I'd
>appreciate some help, if possible. thanks.=20

Check the "gethostname() error help" section on my web page.

>Hello all,
> long ago I downloaded a program about an auto-dialer for
>CU-seeme. It was called something like gocuseeme or cuseemego. DOes anyone
>recall ? If so,
>please let me know where I can set my browser and download it. And if it
>works only with certain versions/platforms. Thank you. doug

You're talking about GO-SU-SeeMe-GO, which was written by John Jauer at the
Univ of Michigan. The URL used to be:

but he's no longer there, nor are any of his pages. If I had a copy of the
program, I'd send it to you, but I've long since deleted it. If anyone else
out there has a copy, please email to me, and I'll add it to my web pages or
FTP server.

>Someone please tell me what the latest version of the windows 3.11 platform
>would be?=20

see above

>I also need some reflectors to practice with and visit. I have no
>cam and I'm a bit tired of not being allowed to enter a reflector without a
>Thank you. doug

Use CUDOODLE to transmit something from your screen without a camera...find
the link to it on the CUDOODLE section of my web page. Read the readme file
and it should be clear to you what it does and how it works.

>Hi all, I Know I should have waited and tallied all of my questions into=
>posting, but ...... would someone tell me where I can go (url) and get the
>latest version of CUSEEME?
>I'd like the cornell version preferably.=20
>75 mhz pentium
>14.4 modem
>windows 3.11

You already have the latest for win 3.1, but the home CU-SeeMe page at
Cornell University is:

Near the top is a link to the latest Windows 95/NT version, which you won't
be able to use until you upgrade to win95.

Bill Woodland (Squeek =A9)
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