Two IP Address HELP!

Yazz D. Atlas (
Mon, 31 Mar 1997 06:01:48 -0500

<fontfamily><param>Arial</param><bigger>I have an ISP that provides me
with and IP address and I also have a local IP address for my local
network. Cu-SeeMe grabs my local IP first and send that out. It doesn't
let me connect to out side reflectors because of this. Below is the what
I get while trying to connect to a testing reflector on a Unix machine on
the Internet.

Client at source 207.XXX.XXX.XXX is opening a connection

Client's network address does not agree with protocol address

The first IP is from my dial-up ISP and the second is my local IP that I
need for my local TCP/IP connections.

Anybody have a idea how to correct this problem?

I have created a host file with all the IP numbers my ISP could provide
me already but it still grabs the local IP and there seems no way of
changing it.


Yazz Atlas