Re Mac OS 8.1 and CU-SeeMe.

Diane Marie Chan (
Sun, 1 Mar 1998 14:12:19 +0800

Thanks Marcos, but I'm not using 8.1; it was Mari who had upgraded. I'm
using 8.0 and not able to transmit audio. For that matter, I couldn't get
it to work when I was using 7.5.5 either. I have so far concluded:
1) Maybe there's a software conflict (so far haven't been able to isolate
any) with my configuration,
2) Maybe it's my modem (GV Teleport Plat 28.8)
3) Maybe it's my karma.
But thanks anyway, now I'll hesitate to upgrade to 8.1.--Das Chan

>Subject: macos 8.1 and CU-SeeMe.
>Date: Sat, 28 Feb 98 23:18:03 -0600
>From: Marcos Huerta <>
>To: <>
>Mime-Version: 1.0
>I read of your cu-seeme plight on the CU-SEEME list archive. It's not a
>hardware problem, I think it's MacOS 8.1, which has been known to cause
>problems with phone type applications.
>Try booting from an 8.0 disk, (the CD maybe) (assuming you haven't gone
>over to HFS+ exclusively). I'd bet that works. CU-SeeMe audio has
>stopped working for me (noticed today) and the only change has been OS