Re: Running 2 versions of CU-SeeMe at the same time.

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Sun, 1 Mar 1998 13:22:10 -0500

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> 6) Running 2 versions of CU-SeeMe at the same time
> by Frederic Grabli <>

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> From: Frederic Grabli <>
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> Subject: Running 2 versions of CU-SeeMe at the same time

> I'm running CU-SeeMe on a PowerMac 7500 AV, using a camcorder. I was
> wondering if it was possible to run 2 different versions of CU-SeeMe at
> the same time since I also have a quickcam connected to my mac...

i dont think it is possible to run 2 copies of cuseeme on the mac os at the
same time and have each copy of cuseeme connect to different ip addresses
or the same reflector ip address.

if u have software that does os emulation on the mac u may b able to work
around this problem. ive never tried it but here r some suggestions:

(1) if u have a modem ull basically need softwindows (a version > 1.x) to
use a of win and mac cuseeme via a ppp connection. i think softwindows
assigns the same ip address ur mac has to ur windows session. cuseeme may
not b happy with that. u may have to connect each copy of cuseeme to a
different ip address for this to work. who knows. if u try it and have any
success please let me know. u cant use the modem in virtual pc if it is in
use by the mac os.

(2) if u r connected to a private lan via ethernet and to the internet with
a modem u can probably use either softwindows or virtual pc. for example u
can use mac cuseeme to connect to the internet via a modem to a reflector
and virtual pc to connect to a cuseeme client on ur private lan.

(3) if u r connected to the internet via ethernet and have ot 1.3 u can
assign a different ip address to the mac and windows sessions and i suspect
will have a good chance of connecting to different ip addresses on the
internet or ur lan with mac cuseeme and windows cuseeme or may even b able
to connect to the same reflector. the address u assign to the windows
session however will have to b a valid ip address for this to work i think.
u may also b able to use softwindows to do the same think but im not sure.

u will not have any video input devices available to u in ur windows
session with virtual pc and i think softwindows. if u have a pci video
capture board with mac and windows drivers u still will not b able to input
video to cu on virtual pc, and i think also softwindows. mayb if there is
enough demand for this feature connectix or insignia may consider providing

there r also some hardware options to run windows on the mac but i dont
know if these boards will solve ur problem.

if u run unix emulation software on ur mac (apple and some other company
each make such commercial software) u may b able to do the same thing if
the linux cuseeme will run on it.

Mark Andrew Nassy, <>