Re: Running 2 versions of CU-SeeMe at the same time. (and multiple interfaces)

Jason Williams (
Sun, 1 Mar 1998 15:08:43 -0600 (CST)

On Sun, 1 Mar 1998, Mark Andrew Nassy wrote:
> (1) if u have a modem ull basically need softwindows (a version > 1.x) to
> use a of win and mac cuseeme via a ppp connection.

Hmm...There's an idea I hadn't thought of. I'm not sure how that would
work. Does the PC side somehow map over ports on the Mac side? or would
it use the same ports? If it uses the same UDP port (which I assume it
does), then it wouldn't work. It's something to try though.

> (2) if u r connected to a private lan via ethernet and to the internet with
> a modem u can probably use either softwindows or virtual pc. for example u
> can use mac cuseeme to connect to the internet via a modem to a reflector
> and virtual pc to connect to a cuseeme client on ur private lan.
> (3) if u r connected to the internet via ethernet and have ot 1.3 u can
> assign a different ip address to the mac and windows sessions

for 2) and 3)...I wonder how Macs handle multiple interfaces. I was
talking to someone on my reflector about this the other day. OT 1.3
allows multiple interfaces, but how does the Mac version of CU choose the
interface to bind to? Will it have the same problem that the PC version
has in that it chooses one (the last one I believe...I always forget
though since I've never had that problem).

I also brought up this point on the iVisit discussion board...Why can't
Windows and Mac apps CHOOSE the interface they bind to? I know in unix, a
lot of programs give you a command line option (or other type of option)
to select an interface to bind to. The Enhanced Reflector and White Pine
reflectors give you this option as well. If you could choose which
interface to bind to, you could run as many copies of CU-SeeMe as you had
interfaces. And much more importantly, it would eliminate the growing
problem of forcing CU to bind to a particular interface in multiple
interface systems.

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