Re: connecting

Diane Marie Chan (
Mon, 2 Mar 1998 13:28:33 +0800

Trouble connecting? To what--to a reflector or to a specific IP address?
Are you connecting over Internet or local network? In any case, file
sharing has nothing to do with video conferencing. What camera are you
using? You might try deactivating Apple Talk (Go to Chooser and click on
the Inactive button). Also check to be sure that your camera is plugged in
properly, and that your CU-SeeMe video settings are correct (check to see
that you have selected the correct port where your camera is connected).
Check the IP address of the party you want to conference with. If this
doesn't help, please give more information: What version of CU-SeeMe you
are using, what camera, modem. I'm not sure, perhaps it depends on the
version of CU-SeeMe that you have, but it could be that you need to upgrade
your QuickTime or Internet connecting software (PPP, MacTCP or whatever it
is that you're using). Don't give up, but you need to give more info for
someone on this list to help you.--Das Chan

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>I'm have a Mac 580 performa OS 7.5.1
>I can't seem to connect. Should I have file sharing turned on or have my
>machine configure in any special way ?
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