can't connect

Brian Scaplen (
Mon, 2 Mar 1998 19:23:19 -0330 (NST)

I can't get anywhere in CU-SeeMe

I'm on a Mac Performa 580 OS 7.5.1 24meg
I'm using CU_SeeMe3.1 demo
I've update to QuickTime2.5
I'm using a cable modem with open transport
I'm using a connectix QuickCam (B&W)

When I open CU_Seeme I can't get anywhere.If I try to test my system it
says that I can't connect to myself. I would assume this should be the
first step.
I have not tried to enter a IP # I was trying to connect to White Pine,via
the phone book that came with the program. The program seems like it is
trying to connect but nothing comes in, what I would assume is the window I
should get video. I have tried some other address's in the phone book like
NASA etc. I have no trouble with my own image, my camera seems ok or I can
see myself in the window to the left.

I have also read on some of the help sites about controls etc on the bottom
of the window. I assume these controls appear after you make a connection
because I can't find them.

I was also able to do video stream via ircle in chat.(with a different serve=

Is it possible that my new server is the problem?

Any help would be great........PLEASE...