Re: Video & Audio problems-thanks to all who replied!

Sam Huston (
Tue, 3 Mar 1998 15:02:37 +0000

Thanks for all the help,

I had read all the documentation. The 1st time we tried to connect my ISP
was having problems & I changed the settings. Later, I didn't know what the
default settings were.

I just trashed everything & re-downloaded it. With the default settings, I
hope it'll work.

Thanks again to all who replied,


>Hi Debbie,
>I suugest you read some of the documentaion on the CU-SeeMe web
>pages.>You'll see that the video information is collected in squares and
>performance depends on your computer and connection. There is plenty of
>stuff to read there if you are interested.
>Good luck!
>Tom Parker
>>Hi, please help,
>>I'm using a Power Mac 7100/66AV & OS 7.5.5, with a Courrier V.Everything
>>56x2 modem & CU-SeeMe version 0.87b3(PC).
>>My brother is using a PC (IBM clone) & Windows 95, with a Sportster 56flex
>>modem & the most recent CU-SeeMe version from Cornell's website.
>>I can't get a good picture of him on my computer. It comes in in blocks, &
>>some are usually missing.
>>Also, his audio is always very low. We've tried adjusting the volume in his
>>computer, but it never gets very loud or doesn't come in at all.
>>Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!