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> wrote:
> > i have a pc and a windows 95 (upgraded for the new version of explore=
> > 4). my cu-seeme from cornell was working very well, no complains. but
> > when i installed the office 97 i started to get this message
> > "MMSYSTEM032 the specified format cannot be translated or supported. =
> > the capabilities to view supported format"
> > after that when i connect to any ref the cu-seeme gimme a message lik=
> > module error and my option is only to disconnect. if i try to connect
> > again, i start to recieve calls from each of the members of the ref
> > (they r not calling me as i stayed there for less than 2 seconds).
> > what is happening?
> > what can i do to fix it?
> > thank you
> > jim, powter
> Read this. Found at

> Q: When I try to either play or record using Samplitude I get this erro=
> message =91The waveform Input Device
> Soundblaster Record (220) cannot record this format. Reason: MMSYSTEM03=
2 The
> specified format cannot
> be translated or supported. Use the capabilities function to view suppo=
> formats.=92 What may be wrong?
> Make sure that a sampling rate is selected that the sound card can
> support. For playback, the sampling rate can
> be chosen with the Play Parameter dialog (shortcut: =91P=92). The =
> button next to the Device box in this dialog can
> be used to verify the sampling rates supported by the sound card. =
> recording, the sampling rate can be
> selected from the Record Parameter dialog.

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