Re: CuseeMe on a LAN?

Jason Williams (
Wed, 4 Mar 1998 11:16:36 -0600 (CST)

On Wed, 4 Mar 1998, GARLAND wrote:
> I'm trying to run the Windows 3.1 version of cuseeme on our school network
> here in England.
> The network runs RM NET LM and each station can access the Internet.
> When we try to run cuseeme we get a host not found error.
> The error seems related to the hosts file.
> Our machines are diskless workstations in the main.
> Our hosts file is stored centrally on the file server.
> Can it be patched to allow the work stations to function??

I assume this means you are running a Windows 3.1 LAN as well? (And not
just using the Win3.1 version of CU-SeeMe because you didn't know about
the Win95 version).

In that case, I can see two options that may work (though it's been awhile
since I've played with the host file on Win3.1):
1) edit the hosts file on the LAN where winsock.dll is located and add in
the IPs of all the diskless workstations (assuming of course they each
have their own IP address on the net and not an internal LAN IP only for
using a proxy).
2) Use Makehost to generate a new hosts file inputting in the right
parameters so it generates a list of all IP addresses for the hosts file.

For some reason, I haven't seen this problem occur using the 0.92b2
version of CU-SeeMe (or any of the White Pine versions). Perhaps it uses
another method to obtain the local IP address.

Makehost can be found at

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