Re: CuseeMe on a LAN?

Bill Woodland (
Wed, 04 Mar 1998 21:52:58 -0600

At 10:02 AM 3/4/98 -0000, GARLAND wrote:
>I'm trying to run the Windows 3.1 version of cuseeme on our school network
>here in England.
>The network runs RM NET LM and each station can access the Internet.
>When we try to run cuseeme we get a host not found error.
>The error seems related to the hosts file.
>Our machines are diskless workstations in the main.
>Our hosts file is stored centrally on the file server.
>Can it be patched to allow the work stations to function??
>Dave Garland IT Manager Saltash Community School Wearde Road Saltash
>Cornwall UK
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>Up when we're accessing the Internet !

Look in the FAQ section of my web page for a section about Gethostname()
error help. Having the hosts file on the server might work fine, as long
as other things are setup correctly. If not, you may have to copy the
hosts file to your local drive.

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