Re: New version supporting PAL

Adrian Close (
Thu, 5 Mar 1998 21:16:22 +1100 (EST)

Hi Debbie/Sam,

On Thu, 5 Mar 1998, Sam Huston wrote:

> I've read that the new version of Cu-SeeMe will support PAL. Will this be
> with the White Pines or Cornell version. Also, will it be possible for
> someone using NTSC to connect with someone using PAL?

This is purely an issue with your capture card, and not really anything to
do with CU. Your capture card converts the analog video signals to a
digital data stream.

CU just gets digitised video via hardware driver from the capture card -
it doesn't know or care what the capture card's input was.

So yes, effectively CU supports both NTSC and PAL input, and users with
NTSC and PAL format video input can talk to each other...

Hope this helps.

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