transmission probs

Fade (
Fri, 6 Mar 1998 01:35:23 -0500 (EST)

Okie, I'm using the cornell version of cu, 0.92b2, with a Connectix color
quickcam... my problem is that on pretty much every reflector I've tried,
1> I don't show up on the user list.
2> No one receives my chat text.
3> No one is receiving my video either.

However, I can see all the chat from other ppl, as well as their vid...
any clue as to what is going on here? I think it's probably to do with the
fact that i'm running over a UNIX slirp connection instead of a true PPP,
but I'm not sure how to solve this prob, if at all possible. Oh, one
thing... there one ONE site I found where I actually saw myself on the
user list, and someone was able to get my vid... however they still could
not get my text chat... I verified this because I had a second line of
communication to the person. The site was FH-Cafe-Munich,

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