Re: Vicom Gateway (Macintosh)

Stephane Loquet (
Fri, 6 Mar 98 17:26:51 +0100

>Is there any way to solve this in cu-seeme? Perhaps with resedit?
>Otherwise I think the only way to solve it might be to wait for a version
>which allows you to specify the ip number cu-seeme sends to the server, or
>wait for some kind of revision or hack to these multi-homing products. I
>imagine that these products and this situation (where home or small
>business user wants more than one pc on line at a time) will become more
>and more popular. This problem may also extend to other hardware solutions
>like the "internet station" and other low-cost routers, I'm not sure.

I guess that a way to solve the problem could be TCP/IP.

Maybe a solution with the new OT 1.3... i'm trying and trying...

>Any guidance or information would be most appreciated.
I agree with that ;-)

Stephane Loquet
8.1 - ISDN Geoport 2.0.2 - VicomGateway 4.5