Application Error

Tony Deskin (
Fri, 06 Mar 1998 11:14:20 -0800

I guess this is a question for Streak (Jason) seeing the problem only
happens on his ref., so far. The problem is when I connect I get a
application error and cu shuts down. Heres a little back ground:

I've been using the cornell ver. .097b almost from the time it was
releasted. I've never had this problem until a few nites ago. The system
I'm using and have been for a few years is:
PC - 200MMX
OS - Windows NT 4.0 Workstation / Service Pack 3
Cam - Connectix=20
I have always had a problem timming out with this system once I was
connected and it varys from 5 mins to an hour before it would happen. I
though maybe I loaded some software that interferred with cu so I
reloaded the service pack. No luck still get the error, which is as

Dr. Watson=20
An Application error has occurred
Exception: divide by zero (0X0000094), address (0X0041004F)

I have the same problem on my laptop now. Its a Win95 machine P133mhz.
with service pack 1. As I said its seems to only happen on Streak's ref.
.I can connect to other sites and not have a problem. I wouldn't mind so
much but Streak's is where I mostly hang out. If anyone has any Idea as
to what is happing please help.=20

Thanks Tony