Re: WAV files

Rolf Hemmerling (
Sat, 07 Mar 1998 22:54:38 +0100

Thomas J. Widlar schrieb:
> Do you know of any software that I can use to play WAV files on a computer
> with no sound card, just the old-fashioned PC speaker (on an old laptop).
> The application is to play voice mail messages sent to me via email by JFAX.
Yes, for WIN 3.1 (and for WIN95, but never for WIN-NT), there was the
"sound speaker driver".

I remember old days of before 1993 that there were MSDOS tools too to
play VOC files (and tools to convert WAVE files to VOC files).But I did
not keep the files. Consult the WEB search engines, please, and check
for SOUNDBLASTER 2.0 tools.

I sent the zip file just to Thomas


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