Re: ISDN, serial speed, etc.

Ray Gannon (
Sun, 8 Mar 1998 22:57:22 -0500 (EST)

I'm assuming the machine came with OpenTransport and the PPP your refering to is
OT/PPP. Go into the control panels folder and look for the "Modem" control
pannel. Open it up. In the setup box you should see the name of the modem script
your using next to "Modem: ". The modem script file is where you will be putting
the modem init string the fine folks at USR gave you. While your in the Modem
control pannel, select "get info" under the file menu. That will tell you the
version of Open Transport and OT/PPP you have.

Modem script files are kept in the "Modem scripts" folder in the Extensions
folder. The modem script file is clear text but has a funny type and creator so
you may not be able to add the string in without setting the type to 'TEXT'
first. The modem script is a bit involved so be sure to work on a copy in case
you make a mistake.

Your machine should be able run 230kb on the serial ports. But the serial port
speed is set in the modem script.

In message <v03007809b1264fbc3f80@[]> writes:
> Hi all,
> I use a PowerMac 7600/132 98MRAM with a USR Courier I-Modem (128K ISDN). I
> use system 7.6.1 and the PPP that came with the system.
> My 2 channels bond when I download a big file, but uploading is very slow
> and I never see the 2 channels bond. I'm pretty sure I'm not getting
> maximum serial speed on my Mac (115? or 230?).
> My questions:
> 1) how do I find out what is my serial speed and change it to the maximum
> possible? Is there freeware/shareware that measures the modem serial port
> speed?
> 2) I got a line of code from USR to make the Courier I-Modem bond right
> away when I log on (but keep its dunamic behavior!). In other words, to
> make the Courier I-modem bring up the second line right away but drop when
> I need to use the analog phone. The string is:
> at&f1*v2=5*d3=1
> This makes it bond when 1% of the 64K channel is used.
> Question: where does this string go? What is the file that I need to add
> this string to, and exactly where in the file does this line go?
> Thanks for your help,
> Eduardo
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