Re: new beta version of CUSM 3.1 for Mac

Bill Ryan (
Mon, 9 Mar 1998 06:58:46 -0500

Hi Ray,

Thanks for the feedback.

>The most annoying bug recently has been the problems in the video control
>panels. And the bug still exists in build 27. The first time you use one
>of the
>video control panels (like configuring the codec for instance) the video frame
>extends beyond the bottom of the window, obscuring the "OK" button. It
>works ok
>after you have gone into the digitizer configuration though. Looks like
>uninitalized variables ! Naughty naughty ! I really hope this is not the last
>build before release as you have suggested it will be.

We'll need some more info. from you on this one.
Please send you System configuration/hardware and software version information.

The only problem I am aware of that resembles what you are describing is a
remaining cosmetic (i.e. no crash) bug in the ATI video digitizer software.
ATI is aware of it and hopefully will fix it in a future update of of their
ATI video digitizer.

>As for a 'would be nice' type suggestion...set the color saturation slider
>to 0
>when the user selects the cuseeme grey codec. Looking at a color pic when your
>transmiting in B&W is confusing.

We'll add this to our enhancement list.


>In message <> writes:
>> Hello CU-SeeMe world-
>> I'd like to invite Mac users to try the latest (and last) beta build of
>> CU-SeeMe 3.1 for Mac. It's available at:
>> This is build 27, which fixes most of the last, serious bugs we've found.
>> We'd really appreciate the wider community banging on it for us to verify
>> our fixes before we go to "final candidate" next week.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Andrew
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