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Rolf Hemmerling (
Tue, 10 Mar 1998 07:47:16 +0100

Brian Scaplen schrieb:
> Can anyone point me the direction for reflectors safe enough to set my =
> loose on.I have looked around and can't seem to find anything. MY kids =
> 10/11/13. The younger one would like to get on the chat lines, but I wo=
> feel safer if I could see who she is talking to.
Well Brian, I never saw *any* violence on CU-SEEME refs, nor *any* sex
or pornography. So from this pov, *any* ref is o.k. If You allow Your
kids to view usual (US or Canadian) TV, they probably saw more than 1000
killings (or even much more) on the screen already, and if You don=B4t
disagree to that, well there is nothing to disagree with CU-SEEME or any
other vidphone. O.k., like with all chat channels, sometimes, there is
some "offensive speech" by this and that user, but this is a general
risk of any "open" communication system.=20

At the children=B4s age of 10 years, it is the right time to You to
explain "life and everything" to the kids, especially everything about
sexuality. So if You agree with me that if Your kids saw Your upper and
lower part of Your body (and especilly Your penis) once, they may see
any penis or any part of a (human) body in a biology book (not a
pornography magazine, of course) without damage, there is nothing to
worry about.

So if You tell them that man with blank upper body are gays, and explain
what "gay" means, well they know all what to know about Iphones. Gays
are friendly, usually. But warn them about boys and man who demand Your
children to take off their clothes, like You warn them not to accompany
strangers in the streets. That=B4s all ! =20

I know that there are couples willing to do "cu-seeme sex" with other
couples, but these people are just interested in contact to other
*couples*, so this danger is very low. Usually any "action" just appears
on "private" ref conferences which can=B4t be accessed for free and/or
without password.

I don=B4t know about any special refs for kids, though.
All about CU-SEEME, Iphones, refs and so on:


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