Any Clue w/ATI &MPEG Crashes?

Brian K. Dowtin (
Tue, 10 Mar 1998 07:34:11 -0500 (EST)

Anone have a clue why my ATI capture device consistently crashes Cu-Seeme
(2.1.x and 3.1 - for Windows) when changing to the MPEG codec. I'm not
sure if this is the only time it happens, but I can depend on this to
crash it.
If Cu-seeme opens up with MJPEG as the codec - things seem to be fine,
but its if I have to switch to MJPEG that things go bad, and it GPF's

  The capture device is ATI - based on their Prage Pro Turbo (OEM)
  and would be closest to XPert@Work/Play
  Using latest available drivers from ATI
  Again, Cu-Seeme for Windows - v.2.1.x and Preview 3.1.x
  P2 - 266MHz machine, w/64MB RAM

'Brian Dowtin

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