Re - Opening a B&W Connectix Cam

Steven (
Tue, 10 Mar 1998 15:00:47 -0800

Actually I dont know how to take it apart, but I do have a question in
regards to the speed of transfer from the black and white, its so slow th=
i sometimes dont think its worth even having, I have seen the new Color
Quick cam and they have a great transfer rate when you move or something =
the such it can keep up without skipping frames on the screen (not even
when it comes to saving a file, just watching the screen). =20
if anyone has advice on how I can speed it up, please help. =20

From: MegaFlex (Francisco Neira) <>
Subject: Opening a B&W Connectix Cam
Date: Sunday, March 08, 1998 11:27 AM

Would you tell me which is the "decent" way to open the B&W Connectix

I had been wondering about this (Do you remember that scene in 2001:Space
Oddissey where the ape bangs the skull with a bone? :)) )
I=B4d found no screws or slots or clips. The camera is working fine, but =
is _very_ dirty on the outside and I should use a water diluted cleaner.

Thanks in advance for your advise,


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