Re: Cu-SeeMe/Kids

Rob Cates (
Tue, 10 Mar 1998 20:12:59 -0500

> So if You tell them that man with blank upper body are gays, and explain
> what "gay" means, well they know all what to know about Iphones.
Well gee, I am not sure what you are saying? If you mean that men
without shirts are gay then you may have some explaining to do later.
There are ways to tell children about what gay means. Maybe this will
help you. "You know how much Mommy loves Daddy and how special they
treat each other, well sometimes 2 men or 2 women may also have the same
feelings about each other." It may also be helpful to explain to them
that this is normal and that these feelings are OK to have.Nobody is
going to be "made" gay and gay people are not "cruising" CUseeme looking
to recruit unsuspecting adults or children.

> Gays
> are friendly, usually.
Well thanks Rolf! Just to keep this friendly, I have met some very nice
heterosexuals as well, occasionally.

> But warn them about boys and man who demand Your
> children to take off their clothes, like You warn them not to accompany
> strangers in the streets.
Yes that's very good. You might want to clear the air a little and
explain that child molesters are predominately heterosexual and that if
this kind of thing happens to them, they need to talk to an adult....of
any sexual persuasion.

Rob Cates

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