reflectors, rates & capture cards

Allison C. Hawco (
Tue, 10 Mar 1998 21:13:15 -0600

Hi all
I have 3 questions: If anyone can help on any point I would appreciate
1) I am having problems connecting to *any* reflectors! I keep getting
the message "Unable to connect" . I am not sure what I am doing
wrong...Everything seems to be in order...I am using the latest version
of CU for Windows , 56 K modem...I don't know what other information
might be helpful...
2)I am also wondering about the preferences for the Rates. Are there
some specific settings I should be using.
3) A friend is trying to use the Enhanced WP Version of CU with a Miro
DC-20 video card but with no success. Does anybody have any experience
with this?
TIA for your patience with this newbie.

Allison C. Hawco
Instructional Technology
University of Houston