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Jason Williams (
Wed, 11 Mar 1998 00:40:02 -0600 (CST)

On Sun, 8 Mar 1998, Brian Scaplen wrote:
> Can anyone point me the direction for reflectors safe enough to set my kids
> loose on.I have looked around and can't seem to find anything. MY kids are
> 10/11/13. The younger one would like to get on the chat lines, but I would
> feel safer if I could see who she is talking to.
> Any help would be great

See my post to Eric Ochoa for my ideas on the subject...
You may wish to check out the GlobalSchoolhouse page at Their public reflector is at

White Pine also has their White Pine Cafe monitored 24 hours a day. For
info on it, check
There's a few press releases concerning White Pine's "commitment" to kids
and kid-safe conferencing at and
Their public "Cafe" reflector is at

Powerscourt Refland also supposedly provides a K-12 type of environment
though I don't know how well it's policed if at all. Refland Hall is at and info about Refland is at

Generally, it's a trade-off...If you allow the public to connect without
constant monitoring, there's always the possibility of non-G-rated
activity showing up. If you don't allow the public to connect, you lose a
lot of the connectivity that makes CU-SeeMe enjoyable (at least for me
anyway). But with restricted access comes a lesser need for monitors
to control activity.

I also have an "Educational Conference" setup on my public reflector
( Conf-ID 3) but it's not too closely policed since it's
rarely used except for special events.

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