Re: Speed of Quickcam b/w versus color

Rolf Hemmerling (
Wed, 11 Mar 1998 09:16:21 +0100

Steven schrieb:
> Actually I dont know how to take it apart, but I do have a question in
> regards to the speed of transfer from the black and white, its so slow that
> i sometimes dont think its worth even having, I have seen the new Color
> Quick cam and they have a great transfer rate when you move or something of
> the such it can keep up without skipping frames on the screen (not even
> when it comes to saving a file, just watching the screen).
> if anyone has advice on how I can speed it up, please help.
Well, the Connectix color cam is just so fast because it uses a special
compression codec for the transfer between cam and PC, the Connectix b/w
sends (as most/all other cams including most/all other color cams).

If You have a 486-133, a Connectix b/w is proposed, for 586-90 and
faster, a Connectix color cam is o.k., said the Connectix staff in
Spring 1997.

Especially, the WIN 3.1 drivers and LINUX drivers (for the graphics
cards) are *very* much slower in comparison to the WIN95 drivers,
especially with 64K colors (but with 256 colors, too, which are not
suitable for viewing b/w or color video transmissions or videos, which
itself are with 64 grayscales or 256 colors, though).

For real video conferencing, a framerate of 1 frame/second is maximum,
very often (with 28.8/33.6/64K connections). So the limit is the
Internet connection, not the cam. Remember, audio itself consumes
bandwidth, too !

For recording movies with Your cam, remember that it consumes CPU power:
Saving on harddisk and displaying the local video on Your screen is a
burden too high, probably. Try to record movies without a local display

Especially the Connectix Quickcam b/w is said to be "fast", although the
newer color cams like the **new** DCAM COMPRO model are "fast" too.

All about CU-SEEME, Iphones, refs and so on:

All about streaming audio + video


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